Family Counseling

Therapeutic Services for Families of Every Composition & in Every Stage

We offer counseling sessions for families to help resolve painful and confusing family dynamics and to guide families through times of transition, grief and loss. We are honored to work with your family no matter its’ composition.

Family Counseling Services

Family relationships are complex and family dynamics can be challenging. However, families are the core of society and we value the family unit no matter its composition or life stage. It is immensely satisfying when families can provide a sense of belonging, a tangible experience of love and trust, and a berth for healthy exploration and adventure. It is our hope to help your family life become such an experience. However, we understand that many families do not function like such units. Many families have experienced loss, trauma, and violations of love and trust. Family members long for connection with one another, yet suffer from disconnection and lack cohesiveness due to past wounds, unspoken rules, roles, and expectations. Family therapy helps to uncover such dynamics and helps families heal from past wounds, losses, and traumas.

We specialize in relational issues, sibling relationships, parent-adult child relationships, life transitions, and parenting concerns. We also work with families post-divorce and help with adjusting into blended families and one-parent families. We are here to support you as you figure out life after the loss of a family member. We address past traumas, and relational wounds, and help you to repair relationships.

We approach your family, like we do our own: with respect, care and empathy. 

We are honored to work with your family no matter what it looks like, and no matter the challenge you are facing. We would love to connect with you via a Free 15-Minute Consultation to ensure we can address your concern and to learn more about how we can be helpful to you.

Family counseling can help families reconnect with one another, find direction in times of transition, and grow together to create a family unit that is a safe haven from the storms of life.

Concerns Addressed

"A happy family is but an earlier heaven."
-George Bernard Shaw

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