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Couples Counseling & Therapy in Marietta GA

Couples counseling in Marietta GA helps couples in every stage of their relationship. Meeting with a trained therapist can help improve your relationship and overcome concerns that are holding you back from fully connecting with your partner.

Couples Counseling Services

in Marietta GA

As humans, we are relational beings who long for connection, understanding and belonging. This is why we form relationships. We know that a happy and healthy couples relationship can be a source of strength and joy in turbulent times. And that healthy relationships are what make us resilient. However, at times, we end up hurting and being hurt by our partners and instead, our relationships become a source of pain and rejection.

At The Marriage Point, we believe in relationships and in their ability to provide us with meaning, purpose and a sense of belonging. That is why we make it our mission to provide a safe and healing place for couples and individuals to mend their relationships and get to experience the connection and belonging they seek.

Course Of Treatment

We take a holistic approach to couples work by considering the internal wounds and external stressors of each individual as well as the dynamics created by the couple. We believe that a healthy couples relationship is comprised of two healthy individuals. Therefore, we challenge each partner to look within and identify their own points of growth, and encourage them to change and heal their own unhealthy reactions before expecting their partner to change.

We first meet with both partners for an intake session during which we learn about their concerns and their history as a couple. Next, we meet with each partner for an individual session so that we may learn about their family history, relational history, and about their unique concerns regarding their relationship. We then meet with the couple and move forward with solely couples work. We consider it a great honor to work with couples and vow to treat your most significant relationship with care, respect and compassion.

Couples counseling helps couples understand each other better, resolve recurring issues, and create a relational dynamic that works to better each individual.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is for couples in all stages of a committed relationship. Counseling provides couples with effective techniques that help resolve seemingly unsolvable issues by identifying each partner’s pain and helping each partner develop self worth, self awareness, and the ability to emotionally attune to their significant other. Counseling is an investment that is worth making as it creates a healthy relationship that feels satisfying to both partners.

Couples Concerns Addressed

What makes a couples relationship successful is not its longevity but its quality.

Would you like to improve your relationships?

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