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Premarital Counseling for Couples in Marietta GA

Premarital Counseling Services

in Marietta GA

We provide premarital counseling to couples to that are engaged to be married. We believe that the best way to embark on the journey of marriage is by preparing. We prepare for many important changes in life from going on a trip, to beginning a new career. We know that most engaged couples are in the limerence stage and are very happy with their future life partner, having the capability to look past minor annoyances and focus on their partner’s positive qualities. However, with the commitment and responsibilities of daily life, as well as the stress of a demanding career, or of a new baby, couples may find it more difficult to continue to view their partners in the best light. This is when they must rely on the values they share with one another, their accurate understanding of their partner’s behavioral drivers, and personality characteristics in order to stay connected and communicate respectfully and honestly.

Premarital Counseling Program

We offer an eight-week premarital counseling program at a fraction of cost of couples counseling due to our firm belief that couples that are prepared for marriage are couples that experience more long term satisfaction and connection from their relationship, and therefore, remain married, committed, and even happy during the tough patches of life.

The program consists of a set curriculum with exercises, homework assignments and conversational prompts to help couples adequately prepare for marriage. This program addresses each area that every couple needs to address prior to saying “I do.”

Some Premarital Concerns Include:

1. Expectations and Roles
2. Personality Differences
3. Conflict Resolution & Communication
4. Managing Finances
5. Sex and Affection
6. Setting Boundaries, Limits & Division of Daily Life Tasks
7. Spirituality and Culture
8. Future Visioning

If you are engaged and preparing for marriage, we sincerely invite you to give us a call so that we can share more about this program and help you feel empowered to become the relational, healthy life partner that your future spouse deserves.

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Premarital counseling helps couples for the next stage of their relationship. Meeting with a trained therapist can help you improve your relationship and prepare you for future concerns that new married couples may experience

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