Allie Argue, MFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

Allie Argue is a Marriage and Family Therapist in Marietta, GA. She specializes in non-traditional relationship, LGBTQI+ support and the intersection of sexuality and chronic illness.

Meet Allie Argue, MFT

  • Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Couples Counseling Specialities Include: Sex Therapy, Non-Traditional Relationships, Conflict Management, Communication Concerns
  • Individual Specialities Include: Sexual Identity, Intersection of Sexuality & Trauma, Chronic Health Conditions & Sexuality, Childhood Trauma
  • Other Areas of Expertise: Family Therapy, Blended Families, Sibling Relationships, LGBTQIA+ support and empowerment

About Allie

Hello! My name is Allie and I am a pre-licensed professional and Master’s level extern here at the Marriage Point that specializes in Sex Therapy and trauma. Let’s be honest, healing is difficult. What a courageous act you are doing, having the desire to heal. Being curious about yourself, your relationships, and your experiences is only the beginning. Admitting we may need help in navigating our experiences, how they have affected us and expressing your feelings in front of another takes strength. Humans are sexual beings, let us sit down and explore what your sexuality means for you. Society places a great deal of pressure on how we are “supposed to be”. What if we don’t fit into these narratives? Sexuality can be difficult to navigate, know that I am here with you. Our society shames us for being emotionally expressive and even thinking of sex. Asking ourselves the all mighty questions: what does it mean to heal? To be in healthy, consensual relationships with myself, my partner(s), and others? These questions can be jarring; oh my goodness, engaging in introspection can be uncomfortable, absolutely. And it doesn’t have to be. There is this cultural narrative that how we feel, talking about our feelings, desires, and needs makes us “weak” or “too sensitive”; when in actuality it is a great strength to comfortably sit in discomfort.

As a therapist, I operate with the desire to collaborate with you to identify what wholeness means for you in various contexts of your life. Working with me includes being a resource for growth and repair for you and your relationships. Working with me includes engaging in compassion, building trust and encouraging congruent communication in a non-judgmental space.. Healing is messy at times and I encourage flexibility. I believe laughter is an important piece of healing; I enjoy using humor, when appropriate of course. I believe in holding you with warm regard and accountability; I promise to gently challenge you and always approach your experiences with compassion and curiosity. I inform therapy as humanistic and through a sex positive lens.

You and your partner(s) deserve a safe, comfortable space to navigate what healing and growth looks like for you. This is where I come in. During our time together, we will have gentle conversations around what all of this means for you and your relationships. I believe all humans are deserving of warmth, compassion, and cultivating a pleasure centered life. Healing is hard and messy at times. I promise you, I am here with you. Sure, I may be the expert in therapy modalities, interventions, identity, sexuality, but; you are the expert of YOUR life and YOUR relationships. I am here to navigate with you. I view the therapeutic process as a collaborative effort. The therapeutic relationship is important to me. I believe for change and growth to happen it is important to cultivate a safe, nurturing relationship between therapist and client(s).

Clinical Focus

During my early years of adulting, I received my undergraduate degree from Wayne State University in Psychology with a concentration in gender and sexuality. Since then, I have graduated from Mercer University with a degree in Marriage Family Therapy. I am currently working towards licensure in the great state of Georgia. I specialize in working with individuals, couples, polycules, and families. I am also currently pursuing my certification in Sex Therapy from the American Board of Sexology. I am trained in working with kink and BDSM communities, gender and sexually diverse individuals (LGBTQIA+), neurodivergent folks, and those who identify as non-monogamous and/or polyamorous. I have experience working with the intersections of sexuality, religion, and shame, non-monogamous relationship structures, couple/partner(s) distress, and the intersection of chronic illness, disabilities, and sexuality. I operate through a trauma informed lens and specialize in working with adverse experiences, sexuality, and trauma. I approach Sex Therapy as a form of psychotherapy that provides mental health services through a systemic and contextual lens for individuals, couples, or groups of people who are suffering from psychological, medical, or social issues surrounding sexuality.

I am currently under the supervision and direction of Lana Banegas, LMFT.

Fee & Insurance Information

Allie does not directly participate with any insurance network. However, she can provide you with all necessary documentation which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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"I invite you to show up as your authentic self. You are enough and you always have been. In a world full of distress and chaos, be still and proceed with peace."
- - Me, Myself, and I
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