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Online courses are available as educational resources for individuals and couples wishing to take the first step in improving their marriage.

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The following online classes are available for individuals and couples wishing to take the first step in improving their marriage. Each class comes with 2 hrs of video instruction, in-depth demonstrations and examples, outlines for you to follow, practical assignments to be completed by you and your partner, and access to the therapist via email exchanges to answer any questions you may have about the material.

Please note that these classes are a supportive and helpful resource for you and your marriage. However, they are not therapeutic sessions; they are psycho-educational in nature and are not intended to replace therapy. If your marriage is in distress, has experienced physical boundary violations, an emotional or physical affair, or if one partner is struggling with active addiction, it is highly advisable that you contact a licensed marriage counselor.

Marriage 101: The Beginner’s Guide to Marriage

For couples that are engaged, in a serious relationship, or newly married. We cover the basics of what makes marriage successful. You will be provided with tools to assess yourself as an individual and as a partner, and you will learn practical tools to make your marriage a joyous adventure. The following areas are covered: communication, conflict resolution, finances, sex, parenting, extended family dynamics, roles and boundaries.

Marriage Matters: Dealing with the Day to Day While Still Loving your Marriage

For couples who find themselves simply “making it” from day to day, not really thriving, not really fighting. Work, children, relatives, and home responsibilities often clog up our emotional space and we allow the most important relationship in our life to go untended. This course will teach you the basics of what makes relationships go from “just okay” to thriving and will give you the tools to take your relationship to that level.

Marriage SOS: Restoring Connection and Saving Your Marriage

For couples who are experiencing a serious break in their emotional connection. For those marriages that have not suffered an emotional or physical affair but are barely afloat. There is hope. This class will help you to assess and identify areas in your life that are leading to disconnection in your relationship and teach you to rebound from disconnection and a lack of intimacy. Specific tools are provided to help you and your spouse reengage, rebuild intimacy, and restore your marriage.

Marriage Haven: Building the Emotional Safety You Need for Intimacy

For couples who are wishing to take their sexual relationship to a deeper level of intimacy. During this course, we discuss common misconceptions around sexuality, desire, and sexual dysfunction. We address common concerns including desire discrepancy, orgasmic difficulties, erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse, rapid ejaculation, and emotional connection during sex.

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