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Multi Day Seminars & Workshops

As a church leader, you may notice your congregation’s needs but you may not have the time, or the skills necessary to address those needs. The Marriage Point is here to fill in the gaps and to provide teaching and training services to your community on the topics of marriage, community care, and spiritual growth and development.

Not Your Typical Marriage, Marriage Seminar

An in-depth 3-day seminar featuring instruction, practical tools, group activities and take home resources for married or engaged couples to help them move out of a disconnected, conflict-laden, or just stagnant relationship. Topics addressed include: conflict resolution, personality differences, sex, gender roles, communication skills, visioning, spirituality, and boundaries. Special attention given to the integration of faith and mental health.

Made for More Workshop for Women

An interactive workshop for single women and for married women alike to help you thrive in your current stage of life. Women often struggle with the roles thrust upon them by society, family, or even by their own expectations of themselves. Learn to identify your gifts and calling so that you may live out your purpose; learn to identify blind spots which are keeping you from having or keeping the relationships you want to have, and learn to be present with yourself in such a way that you allow the Holy Spirit to guide your life. This is a safe and loving environment, judgment-free, guilt-free and honoring to your unique journey as a woman and as a leader.

Would you like to improve your relationships?

Small Group Training for Care Leaders

A 6-part training program for church care leaders. Learn the basics of caring for your church community, learn to listen with care and attentiveness, learn how to practically provide caring support and spiritual care to those in your church community suffering from emotional pain, learn to identify when a person requires professional intervention, be able to identify your own limitations and learn how God can use you as the vessel of change and healing in your community.

Seminars and Presentations by Topic

You may engage Lana to provide teaching for your church or organization on the following topics:

  • Marriage: The Courage to Live through the Happy, Hard and Holy
  • Deconstructing the Sexual Shame Paradigm
  • Sex and Marriage: Biblical Rituals for Romance
  • For Women Only: Being the Ezer – Powerful, Purposeful & Passionate
  • Building Community the Koinenia Way
  • Mundane into Meaningful: Handling Kids, Life, Love, and Your In-Laws
  • Relationships 101: Tips for Church and Community Leaders

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