Corona Virus Update

As efforts to contain COVID-19 continue, it is our intent to support you in taking measures to protect your physical and mental health. We have made online therapeutic services available to all our patients. We fully support efforts to stop the spread of the virus and are supportive and encouraging of our clients wishing to have their session online.

However,  as an essential service, we will be available to our patients both in person and online to provide mental health services during this difficult time.  We do ask, if you are feeling unwell, please elect to have your session online. 

Follow the link to learn more about online therapeutic services.

We are committed to continue providing care to our valued patients, helping you stay on track with the progress and investment you made in your relational and personal mental health, and supporting you during this difficult time.

We want to encourage you to practice caution, yet to remain at peace, being mindful that our most valued possessions are indeed not possessions at all and not material, but relational. We also want to remind you to follow guidelines from local and federal authorities.

We are here to support you and would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

Call: (770) 316-0813

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